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    When using multiple actions in single dashboard breaking the flow between dashboards in reverse functionality

    Divya Bhati

      I am trying to achieve the cycle between multiple dashboards using actions filter

      what I am trying to do is I have 4 sheets.

      1st sheet >year wise sales

      2nd sheet>month wise sales

      3rd sheet>day wise sales

      4th sheet>detail market wise sales

      Now I am placing 1st sheet on 1st dashboard,2nd sheet on 2nd dashboard,3rd sheet on 3rd dashboard & 4th sheet on 4th dashboard.

      now i am putting action filter on 1st dashboard so that when user click on any year then 2nd dashboard will open with all month sales of the particular year which has selected now i am putting action filter on 2nd dashboard so when  user select any month the 3rd dashboard will open with all days sales of particular month which has selected on dashboard 2nd now i am putting action filter on dashboard 3rd so when user select any day then market wise sales of that particular sales will open in 4th dashboard.

      Now when i want the same functionality to go back(reverse ) to dashboard 1st the flow is breaking between dashboard 2nd & 3rd as these dashboards are having multiple actions as i m trying to achieve reverse functionality.

      Is there any functionality to priorities which action should perform first then second then so on.... 


                                       >                                        >                                   >

      year wise sales                 month wise sales            day wise sales              market wise sales        like this i want the flow  1st to  4th then 4th to 1st

      (Line chart)               <      (Line chart)               <      (Line chart)            <    (Bar chart)




      I am using global superstore data to achieve this.