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    Fixed : Count Distinct Question

    Alexander James Bogart

      Hello, quick question with respect to the use of "{Fixed : ".


      I've set up a formula to return...


      SUM({Fixed User : countd(datepart('hour', datetime))})


      I am trying to count distinct hour values per user, and then sum those values and display based on additional criteria (e.g. team). The countd(datepart('hour',datetime)) function is working as intended, but I am looking for a solution that does not include user in the view.


      The problem seems to be with how I am using "Fixed", as the return does not match the shorter "countd by user" (with user in the view).


      Anything jump out at first glance?



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          Jim Dehner



          Have you tried changing Fixed to Include

          Include will look below the level of the viz to perform the aggregation


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            Hope Stiles


            When you use fixed it looks at the dimension you have fixed the calc on regardless of dimension or measure filters used in the view.  I'm not sure exactly how you're using the 'additional criteria' you mentioned.  If they are dimensional filters you may want to click the carrot on them and choose "Add to Context".  This will take that filter into account before calculating the CountD.


            If that is helpful you might want to check out this link: Mnemonic -Order of operations to see a list of what order things are done in Tableau.



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