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    Save Database Password

    Martin Schuster

      Hi there,


      Is it possible to save the database password in Tableau Desktop or is it necessary to enter password eacht time I open the workbook?


      I did not find a solution to keep the password but maybe it is not documented anywhere.




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          Hi Martin,


          maybe this (old) post of James Baker will help you



          "Are you opening in desktop or server?  Desktop never saves passwords, but when publishing you can "embed" a password so it needn't be entered on the web."

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            Martin Schuster

            Hi David,


            Thanks for the link. It indeed helped by confirming my assumption that it is not possible to save the password.




            Dear Tableau Team,


            I know it is unsecure to save the password in the worksheet itself but from my point of view Tableau Desktop should let the user decide if he wants to take the risk.


            At least there seems to be a need for it:

            Username and password not being saved on desktop product.

            Embed password in Desktop

            Save Connection password in workbook


            I also like the more secure idea by . glinkot to have a user related password safe inside Tableau Desktop i.e. like all modern browsers have.


            Please consider this as a feature.




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              Klaus Köberlein

              Hi folks,


              I also would strongly agree to have a PW safe.


              My colleagues, which are working with Tableau to produce dashboards and many things more, don't have to know any database connection internals as passwords or anything else. They only should use the connections. Telling those people to insert the PW each time using Tableau is more unsecure than saving the PW inside.


              So I agree with Martin to have a password safe, not related to the special workbook but to the Tableau instance itself! Browser comparison is a good example! Please insert function as soon as possible and let us know.


              Many thanks!!


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                Klaus Köberlein

                The last discussion on this topic is months away ... is there any idea for a solution in future or simply no chance to get the problem solved? Am I nearly the only one who has this problem/wish??


                Any comment appreciated.




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                  Peter Connolly



                  You are certainly not the only one.


                  Tableau does the big things really well for us - getting statistics and reports out of our data. But some of the little things are annoying. One of those is the inability to save passwords. We run four worksheets which each have 15+ data connections in them, and I have to enter a separate password into each data connection every morning. Our alternative is to have an intern do it; but I don't want an intern knowing our database passwords!


                  It should all come down to choice - Do we accept the security risk, or not? I, for one, would like to be able to make that decision from an operational aspect, and not have it dictated to me.

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                    Jeff Kilpatrick

                    If you haven't already, you may wish to vote for this feature in the Ideas forum.






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                      I fully agree.

                      Klaus makes a great point: not saving the password inside can be more unsecure if it leads you to tell it to more people (which is what we end up doing too).


                      While Tableau indeed delivers very well on the big things, these little frustrating things (lack of Autosave functionality also comes to mind) can really affect the experience.


                      Off topic:

                      It would be nice also if links embedded in Tableau's forum would not always lead to a 404 page so that I could follow Jeff's URL and vote this idea up without having to waste time finding it on my own!

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                        Oliver Harvey

                        Hi, Is there any news on this? Its been 2 years and its got over 80 votes on the ideas community but there is not even a reply from Tableau. It would be nice to at least get an idea when this might be implemented.

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                          Tyson Weihs

                          There is most certainly ways to store this information securely. First, we run Mac FileVault to encrypt all employee drives, which provides one level of protection. Second, Mac for instance provides the Keychain for storage of information like this (and which many applications integrate with).


                          Other applications make use of these secure storage capabilities (including competitive software we are evaluating). Simpler tools like IntelliJ DataGrip store passwords. It is a negative user experience - and blocker to wider rollout of Tableau in our company - to not provide this. Requiring a user to enter many passwords at app session startup is silly.