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    Only Color Repeating Marks in Bump Chart

    Dan Fasciano



      I'm trying to create a Bump Chart in in Tableau 10.2, however I've been having some issues with it.


      I have a bump chart, however due to the large number of things to rank, and the fact that a lot of the things are not repeated, a lot of the dots don't appear multiple times in the top 10. I'd like a way to dynamically color it so only products that have been in the top 10 multiple times during time period the chart shows will get colored, and the rest would be gray. Is this possible with some kind of calculated field? First is a bump chart I created, and on the second one where I manually recolored some of the products that have more than one entry during the time period.


      My actual data looks a little less busy. I am trying to make a chart to show how certain products continue to stay in the top ranks.


      Thank you for any help,