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    save dashboard as pdf with pagination

    anil saini

      Hi Experts,


      I have a dashboard, which consist of one table on the top and and one line graph on the bottom and both of them has scrolls.

      see this :- https://public.tableau.com/profile/anil.kumar.saini#!/vizhome/testprint_1/Dashboard1

      download from here for twbx file.




      when i print this in pdf, it will print with pagination, it will simple print the screenshot of it.



      How can i print this with pagination,


      NOTE:- this is published on server, so saving as pdf from server only.


      Also, yes i know scrolling is not a recomonded approch when it comes to dashboard, but client wants to see it like this and this viz is going to be embed in their web portal, from where they want to print this in pdf.




      Please advice any solution.