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    Filter Data from One Datasource based on Parameter dynamic filter from another source

    Kevin Thompson



      I have a dataset which is formatted as # of airline passengers from each zip code of the US, as well as the lat/long of each zip code.  I also have a dataset that has each airport and it's lat/long.*  What I would like to do is allow the user to input an airport code into the parameter, then have the dataset automatically filter out any zip codes that are more than XX miles (to be a parameter) away from that airport.


      The trouble I'm having is getting the filtered lat/long from the airport dataset into the passenger dataset so that I can do the distance calculation.  The simple solution would be to assign each zip to an airport, but each zip can belong to several different airports so that does not work.


      I'm sure there is something I'm missing but my searches have not yielded me a solution yet.  I've attached a stripped down version of the workbook if anyone can please take a look.


      Thanks for any help you can provide.




      *I understand tableau has these built in, I extracted the tableau calculated numbers in order to do the distance calc per another thread on here.