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    Joining to the same data table


      Hello All,



      I have a large set of data (over 1.5m rows) that has been aggregated, this data has been aggregated into around 20 tables and then unioned back together into a single table so we can use excel.



      The Aggregated tables are denoted by a field [Data_Tab]



      For this example to keep it simple we will call the entry into [data tab] D1 and D2



      The way we use this in excel is to pivot and filter on D1 and use that data with a manual join to D2 using a formula, once the results are compiled we use a stacked barchart so show the data, However I am unable to replicate the join within tableau successfully.



      When creating an join on a unique field, this exponentially increases the number of entry (basically a bad join) as there is, intended duplication within the table.



      I am only using 3 fields from the data, One is [name], [number a] and [number b] (not real names naturally but for simplicity).



      Bringing the data in twice, Filtering both data sets appropriately on [data_tab] and linking using [name] from D1, [Number A] from D1 and [number b] from D2. Brings the correct data when viewed in a table, However I wish to view these as a stacked bar chart and Tableau splits them based on D1 and D2



      I understand this as Tableau dosnt really understand there is a relationship between [name] in D1 and [name] in D2, As stated above, when using this as a join it causes data errors.



      Is there any solution to this?



      Please note I have no really access to the none aggregated data