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    How we can configure Tableau Online.

    Venkat Gm

      Hi Friends,


      I am very new to the Tableau seerver and online.

      Today my client sent Tableau Desktop and Online Access license details.

      Desktop side i know the instsallation and how to activate the key and all things i'm aware on desktop side.

      Here my problem is Online side, What are the things we need to check for tableau online and i'm using tableau Desktop 10.1 Version once i developed Dashboards those Dashboards we can publish in tableau online (If there is any version of the Tableau online).


      What is the SSO and how we can configure in online.


      What are the security steps i need follow ?


      And one more thing here I'm using database as EXCEL,in online how we can give schedule refresh for that EXCEL Data


      Could any one guide me how we can do this task.