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    Rotating dashboard / Auto Refresh (for screen display)

    Tristan Guillevin

      Hi everyone !


      We are often asked by our customers how to display visualizations and dashboards on screens in reception areas, open-spaces or workshops.

      Good news, we believe we have found an elegant solution to allow you to do this :



      You can see it yourself here : Rotating dashboard: Slides


      Only one prerequisite here: have Tableau Sever, Online or Public to allow automatic refresh of your dashboard(s).


      The solution : using Slides (an online tool to create presentation), create a new deck and simply add the URL of the dashboard as the slide background :

      2017-05-22 10_18_04-Edit_ Rotating dashboard.png


      Go ahead and create new slides with, each time, others URLs as background.

      Then, go edit the Settings and set the Auto-Slide to the number of second you want, and select "Loop presentation".

      2017-05-22 10_18_18-Boîte de réception - tguillevin@actinvision.com - Outlook.png

      You can now click on the "Present" button, go fullscreen and voilà ! You have now full-screen rotating live dashboard


      I hope you find this helpful and don't hesitate to comment if you have some suggestion or if you need help !