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    How do I create a rank based on count per day?

    Jeff Walzer

      I'm looking to rank each zone based on the count per day (or week/month) per zone and then find the avg rank for each zone based on the sum of the rank per day. I created a quick mock up in Excel, and also attached a packaged workbook.


      So below in the first table, each zone has the number of records for that day. Then in the second table I did a rank based on the highest count being assigned a 1, second highest count being assigned a 2, and so on. Then for Avg Rank, I simply did a average of each zone's row. So Zone 5 with the 1.3 Avg Ranking is the worst zone, and so on.


      How do I create this in Tableau? Also, is there a way to show the different in % when comparing one day to the previous day (for Zone 1, count on 12/1 compared to count on 11/30, etc)? Could this be shown in the same worksheet?



      Zone 1044866853146132513
      Zone 22511457457509562509509
      Zone 3042638038033803837805803
      Zone 4985437192725527511341769
      Zone 53648242818561331380434392968250
      Zone 616916516516514117952814
      Zone 72542221741542502482240
      Zone 83403953201304354503600
      Zone 9292801401360505451481434
      Zone 101721295959502214186215
      Zone 1111815735418915818923240
      Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6Day 7Avg Ranking
      Zone 110111111111119.4
      Zone 295534455.0
      Zone 3101322233.3
      Zone 484453324.1
      Zone 512211111.3
      Zone 668107101047.9
      Zone 747988797.4
      Zone 826897676.4
      Zone 933645564.6
      Zone 10510111068108.6
      Zone 1179769987.9