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    Parameter and Filter Interaction Across Sheets in a Dashboard


      Hey Tableau Users,


      In the attached workbook (10.4), when the month parameter on the left hand side is selected all the tiles on the left and the graphs in the middle panel change with it. This is even true when a particular agency is selected; the tiles on the left reflect the selected agency's total square feet for the month selected along with the percentage change form the previous year. However, when the agency dropdown is selected, the tiles on the left change to reflect the selected agency but calculations such as YoY% Change for Square feet from previous year remains unchanged.


      Is there a way to make it so that when a specific agency is selected calculations such as YoY% change for square would reflect the selected agencies change in square feet? It would be so helpful to figure this out because then the concept could be applied to other % Change calculations that might be added to the dashboard.


      Any assistance would be most appreciated.