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    Combining Bar Charts - X-axis only shows from first data set

    Jeff Tillinghast

      Hi all-- This is my first Tableau project, and I'm trying to combine several bar charts. All the charts are from one table of survey responses, from 1-10. I have the questions charted separately, but I'd like to combine a few onto one chart for comparison.


      Here's the (successful) single question chart


      If I follow the actions in the "combine bar charts tutorial," though, I end up with this:


      No matter what values I add to the rows, they'll always display the results from the first chart (in this case, it will always just display the "Knowledge Constructor" response, where the data should be different).


      I am certain that the problem is that the columns draws from "Knowledge Constructor," where all the examples had some other common data record like date or category to draw on. Any suggestions on how to set this up?