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    Sankey chart tooltip

    Christoffer Refsgaard

      Dear Tableau Community,


      I have created a sankey chart following this guide from super data science: SANKEY DIAGRAM TABLEAU - YouTube


      It has turned out almost like I wished it to be, but I just want to add one feature that I cannot figure out how to add. Please, allow me to explain.


      I end up with a chart looking like this:

      Billedresultat for sankey chart


      This is a chart for aggregated sales from a segment to a region. In the tooltip I would like to have the sum of sales displayed as well as the individual transactions.


      Example: If the sum of sales equals 20.000$, and this sum consists of transactions of 5.000$, 6.000$ and 9.000$. Then I would like to have the 20.000$ in my tooltip as well as the individual transactions of 5k$, 6k$ and 9k$.


      Would anyone be able to help me get the tooltip right here? I have tried for many hours now ...