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    Help needed in creating a visual traversing path for USERID (Attribution analysis)

    Runelle Dsouza



      I have a data that has user id, the time stamps, the url path, event id etc. I am trying to create a visual representation of the user id different paths undertaken as per the time.

      For example, say a User ID "A" first went to a website "www.abcd.com" then went on to view some vehicle pages then went on to another website and so on.


      I ma trying to create attribution analysis for the different User Ids. As of now I have create table views for some of the user ids on different sheets, but it still very difficult to get a visual picture from this and it is not easy to view this representation.


      Can anyone help me in getting a visual representation for this attribution analysis.

      I am attaching the data and the sample workbook. It would be great if someone could help me as I have this important presentation to our clients.


      Thanks in advance.