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    How to sum if filter is checked?

    bret van

      I have a data set that contains a thousands of dates, associated days of the week, and an additional variable. Something like below:

      Header 1Header 2Header 3




      I'd like to create 3 calculated fields Pk, Sh, Tr.

      Pk = sum([Variable])  but I'd like to filter on DOW.

      I'd like to filter on Day of Week separately for each of the three calculated fields and be able to include all, none, or any combination of weekdays.

      To me it seems I need 3 separate filters for DOW but I can't get the filters to act independently of each other in the calculated fields.


      That is, if I deselect, say, M for one calculated field, it affects all of them.


      Any idea?


      I'm kinda a Tableau noob.



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          Amber Loranger

          Hi Bret,

          if you can share a packaged workbook (.twbx) that would be really helpful so we can see how your data and workbook are set up.

          I'm not sure if this answer is going to make sense to you or be quite applicable but --

          When you use a filter, it filters everything in the worksheet. So if you're talking about the Tableau filter functionality then it's going to be on a per-worksheet basis, not a per-calculated field basis. You'd need to have your fields on separate worksheets to have the day of week filter act on them separately.