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    Help a lost beginner =( - Dynamic filter between different dashboards.

    Eric Snow

      Hi guys,


      Very lost, cant attach my workbook but any guidance would be appreciated.


      I have 4 dashboards.


      Dashboard 1 has the unfiltered data. It is a stacked bar chart. If the user selects a part of the stacked bar chart I want the user to jump to the corresponding dashboard that corresponds to that value [This stacked bar chart is a grouped measure if that makes a difference]. Additional the dashboard it goes to must be filtered for what was on the x axis of dashboard 1. All sheets have the same filters.




      You have a stacked bar with shoes brand as the x axis. The stacked bar is broken out by color. If I click on a specific color I will go to a separate dashboard made for that color and the data will be filtered by the shoe brand that was on the x axis.


      Thanks so much