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    Unpublised Datasource

    Amy Garcia

      I am trying to figure out how can I get a list of data sources that are not published on our tableau server. The issue is we have several workbooks that are using unpublished data sources. We want to be able to identify these so we can either publish them or update them when necessary. Does anyone know if there is an easier way besides having to go through each workbook?






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          Peter Fakan

          Hi Amy,


          You can count the number of Data Sources from the project pane. Unfortunately you will have to do some reverse engineering to discover the number of data sources that are being used by each viz though.






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            AB Commendatore

            Hi Amy,


            If I understand the question you have a bunch of workbooks published to Tableau Server. Some use published data sources and some use unpublished, "local" data sources. You are looking to identify the workbooks that include an unpublished data source so that you can contact the author and have them convert over to a published data source. Is that right?