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    Tag Changes in data in week-on-week snapshots

    Maneesh Chintalapudi



      I have a requirement where I am taking snapshot of all my equipment along with their scheduled outage date every week. These outage schedule may get updated which means in my first snapshot an equipment may have outage on 1st Jan, 2018 but in my 2nd snapshot the outage schedule for equipment has been update to 1st Jan,2019. IN such cases I want to tag the row in the new snapshot as "Changed Outage Schedule" and showcase all such cases in a table. This works with a lookup formula.


      My second requirement is to tag these changes in a bar chart: For example, in my first snapshot I have 148 equipment with outages scheduled in April,2018. But in my 2nd snapshot, 10 of these equipment have refreshed schedules where the outages have been moved to April,2019. In my April,2019 bar i would like to show these 10 equipment in a different color indicating a these are new changes. Sample snapshot below:


      I have not been able to tag these changes. It would be extremely helpful if anyone can guide me on how this can be achieved. I have attached a sample twbx for reference.


      Many thanks in advance.