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    Calculation Nightmare {COUNTD, AVG,Dashboard,Filter,Parameter}

    Scott Porter

      I am trying to replicate a calculation I from excel in Tableau. Any help would be appreciated! I am novice in Tableau and have been at this all day.


      Audits are conducted in three categories, all three categories have most of the same sections however 2 are different in categories B and C.

      Not all sections and categories may be audited in that scenario I would like the section to appear and the audit and score to show null or N/A

      Audits are conducted in in checklists that can be completed many times.

      For each checklist that is performed a row of data captures at the question level, below is a mock up of the data

      Includes location, unique ID (checklist), avg score (checklist), category + section, start date, complete date, question, and answer.

      I created parameters to hopefully use in a dashboard navigation to capture start and end dates.

      My goal is to show the scores rolled up to the location for the prior month.



      Excel calculations:

      Overall Score: =(AVERAGE(B4,F4,J4))

      Section Score: =((D6*0.6)+AVERAGE(D7:D14)*0.4)/100