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    Sandeep Murala

      Hi i am using tableau 9.2 version ,i have 2 dashboards, one is master dashboard and anther one is details dashboard ,


      in master dashboard i am having Region wise category wise sales  below one arrow mark and in  master dashboard  category and sub_category wise Region wise sales,


      here my question is if i choose multiple sales in master dashboard using ctrl  then click on arrow below button and  it goes detail dashboard and show details what ever i choose  ,



      some clear information shown below image




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          Deepak KRISHNEGOWDA

          If I rephrase your question : Does the ( Ctrl + multiple selection) from 'Master Dashboard' provide full details of selection in 'Detail Dashboard' ?

          If so, Yes it does.


          Tableau supports the data drill down functionality based on your filters and actions applied. (Pay attention to the filters applied in the detail Dashboard view)