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    Tableau SSAS --> How to filter on worksheet 2 with drill down from worksheet 1


      HI Tableau Community,


      i´m very new to tableau and this is the situation:


      I´ve a direct connection to a SSAS Cube and created 2 worksheets. For the first sheet I have created a set which contains several Items to display them in a waterfall chart (Measure Periodic).


      On the second page I tried to display the dimension segments. For that I have to use the set which I defined. Otherwise it will show nothing. But in this case it shows me the segments for all items!Tableau.JPG


      The problem is that I can´t drill down once I put sheet 1 +2 into the dashboard. I want to get displayed only the segments for the item which is being selected on the dashboard.


      Can someone help me out please?