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    Cloud Tableau server ( online ) send "Could not locate unexpired trusted ticket" on trusted authentication

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      We are trying to publish a embeded view on ours site and we are trying to use trusted authentication.

      we are using https://us-east-1.online.tableau.com/api/2.0/auth/signin and sucessuly generate token .

      Then with this token we are trying to access view  by access https://us-east-1.online.tableau.com/trusted/[TOKEN]/t/[SITENAME]/views/[VIEWNAME]

      Using url w/o trusted authentication , it works fine.

      But when trying to use trusted authentication, we receive folowing ERROR mensage:


      • Could not locate unexpired trusted ticket


      Important information,. This is a cloud server Tableau, we don´t have access to configure server.


      Anyone have a comments to solve this issue ?

      thanks in advance.