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    Uncaught Load Timeout for modules: vqllegacydojoui.debug

    Gigi Batdemberel

      I created a self service tool where my users can enter their urls from admin page and the URLs will become embedded views. Meaning, I am allowing them to embed multiple views. On top of that, I have a trusted token which I inject to one of the URLs to set the session and then the page will be refreshed so that the rest of the URLs could be rendered. I still haven't figured out a way to set the session cookie without page refresh but that is not the concern I have at this moment.


      Some views as they are complex, it takes 2-3 min load and then it will give me a server error message on the view as below. As I was reading on forums, there were a couple of recommendations such as by extending the getaway timeout by tabadmin commands.  Also, there were one solution all the way from 2008 to change some statement to 'true' in 'dojo.js' file which I tried but it did not do any effect.


      However before I do any server configuration modification,  can you see if there is anything wrong my code that is raising conflicts with Tableau Javascript API?