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    Javascript error: Script error.   file:    line: 0  .. messaging_actions.js:268

    Baljeet Dogra

      I am trying WDC simulator for the first time and trying to create a new connector.

      The default connectors work fine so I am assuming that the simulator setup is correct. For example,.  I can look at the earthquake data.


      I am trying to create a custom WDC and test it with the simulator 2.0.

      When I click on "Start Interactive Phase" it works perfectly and fetches the schema.


      But when I click on the "Fetch Table Data" I get 2 errors on the developer console on Google Chrome.




      The top 3 errors are shown every time the Simulator is loaded and that does not cause any issues with the earthquake example. So I ignored them.

      My concern is the last 2 errors messages.

      I am not able to figure out what is causing this. I tried adding a breakpoint inside the success callback of the getJSON method and it is never hit.


      $.getJSON(url2, function(resp) {

                  var metrics = resp.gauges,

                      tableData = [];



                  // Iterate over the JSON object

                  for (var i = 0, len = metrics.length; i < len; i++) {

                      //var jvm.buffers.direct.capacity = metrics[i].jvm.buffers.direct.capacity


                          "version": metrics[i].version,

                          "started_at": metrics[i].started_at,

                          "facility": metrics[i].facility









      The error messages did not help at all.