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    Impala to Tableau issue

    sandeep kumar


      My calculated fields are coming as null values when i connect to impala from tableau in LIVE connection mode.

      Had anyone faced the same issue. please provide me your inputs, if there is any workaround


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          Hello Sandeep,


          I found the following information on Impala and Tableau.


          NULL value returned

          A NULL value is returned when you open a workbook in Tableau 9.0.1 and later and 8.3.5 and later 8.3.x releases that was created in an earlier version and has date/time data stored as a string in a format that Hive doesn't support. To resolve this issue, change the field type back to String and create a calculated field using DATEPARSE() or DATE() to convert the date. Use DATEPARSE() when working with an extract, otherwise use the DATE() function.


          Hope this helps!



          Byrne, Patrick