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    Resolution to Error: Could not find installable ISAM

    John Bowie

      Recently had a software push by company and found that my refresh of my extract that was going to an Access DB was now giving error. 


      Database error 0x80004005: Could not find installable ISAM.


      Also in the error it said that it could not find the Access DB or I did not have permissions to access it.  This Access DB was one I owned and it did not have any log in authentication enabled.  After doing searches, working with others that had the issue, I found that I needed to go back and reinstall the M


      This article also helped lead me to this as well:  Error: "Could not find installable ISAM" (installable indexed sequential access method)


      So I went to:  Driver Download | Tableau Software


      Selected the Microsoft Access and then there is information on where to go and get the driver:


      download and install Microsoft Access Database Engine   - this will bring you to a Microsoft site to download: 


      Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 Redistributable

      Tableau Version 10.1

      Access 2016


      Once I reinstalled that Access Database Engine my error went away.  I did also need to Edit the Access Data Source and set it back to "Live" from "Extract" and then go to a Dashboard and then go back to Edit Data Source and set back to Extract.  There seemed to be something that was still giving a different error, no longer the ISAM, but just that the extract needed to be undone and then put back and then all was good.