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    Use a tableau drawn viz as a background image?

    Kirk Wythers

      I have created a view in a workbook that I was using as a custom set of axes in a visualization. It is a ternary plot for mapping soil texture and is really only a set of points in the dataset with a particular draw order. The data source is quite complex and I have filters that when applied, cause the custom axes to disappear.I am wondering if I might be able to export the view and then import it as a background image, then display my soil texture data on top of it?


      Here is a snip of the ternary plot with the data displayed on dual axes.

      Here is just the plot, without any data.



      The main question is can I export this image somehow (along with the xy coordinates) then use this as a background image to display the data on top of. This approach should allow the background image to remain viable regardless of what filters are applied to the data.