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    Help with Top N and Bottom N

    Stella Han

      Hello Tableau World,


      I am trying to create a Top Number (N) and Bottom N workers with the greatest/least aggregate average number of tasks. My x axis has the average number of tasks completed and the y axis is the worker ID. The tasks are currently broken up by 3 categories: Change, Miscellaneous, and New tasks.


      So far, I have created a parameter called "Top Workers Select" to be able to pull the Top N workers and then I edited the filter to pull the top from the "Top Workers Select" parameters and set it by Worker Task Average. In the first photograph attached, the parameter is set to the top 20 workers. It is obvious that worker 4779 has the greatest average number of tasks, so it should always be #1, no matter what top N I change to. However, when I change the Top N to 10, Worker 3633 becomes the top worker (see photograph 2). As I change the top N from 1-30, it seems like the top worker keeps changing. In addition, it doesn't seem to pull the number of workers that I want to either. For example, I pull top 10 workers, and it only pulls 9 workers.


      Can anyone please help me find a solution or a work around to this issue?? Thank you!