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    Passing Quick Filter/Parameter from one dashboard to custom SQL of another dashboard.

    Santhosha Shivananda



      We have a requirement where we have to pass a filter from one dashboard to another dashboard.


      Dashboard 1(Summary):

      Contains list of ID's and summary KPIs for that particular ID. Built on a aggregate table and will be a Tableau Extract.


      Dashboard 2(Details)

      Contains detailed data for the ID. This will be on top of bigger source table which have 5M-10M records. This will be live connection to the database and a where clause with selected filter.



      User will click on the ID in the Summary dashboard, it should open the second detailed dashboard(Which I can derive using dashboard actions) for that particular ID and show the details for that.


      Is there a way we can create a custom sql-live connection for the second dashboard and pass the filter in SQL query from the first dashboard?


      What did I try? Went thru couple of blogs and

      - Tried using quick filter, This ends up getting all the data from second table and filter it out in the dashboard.

      - Tried to pass the parameter in the query, looks like if the source table changes parameter filter is not getting updated.