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    Embedded views - session validity check and event trapping.

    Arthur Doe

      We are using embedded Tableau views in our portal. Authorization tickets are working fine, visualizations are showing up, we can filter etc. However, if I leave the portal's page/view overnight and let Tableau's session expire then any further manipulation (in the morning) will re-direct to Tableau's login page, which is, for obvious reasons, exactly not what we want.

      When I hoover over visualizations I see that there is a call to getSessionInfo() which (most likely checks the validity of user's session) but I don't see it in JavaScript API nor in REST API as documented.

      1) Is there a way to hook yourself into that call and intercept its results? If it's anything other than 200 OK, we could trap it before iFrame goes to Tableau's login screen, redirect to our login and things would work just fine.

      2) Is there a way to expire session manually? During testing we don't want to have to wait for hours before sessions expire based on Tableau's server settings.

      3) Are there any alternatives to avoid this situation?