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    Questions Regarding Field References - Both Replacing And Listing

    Erik Wempa

      Hi.  My name is Erik and I own at least three (3) pens.


      I have a couple quick questions I was hoping you (or a friend!) could answer:


      1. "Replace References" is a neat little tool, but is there a way to get it so that it extends to a calculated field?  For example, I have three calculated fields that use my "Sales" field, but I want to start using "Sales Adjusted" in those calculations instead.  "Replace References" will swap out all my references from "Sales" to "Sales Adj" from a worksheet/pill standpoint, but won't impact my calculated fields.  I know I can just go in and edit my calculated fields to reference the new field, and in this case, it wouldn't take much time.  But, if I have 50 calculated fields where I want to do this...different story.


      2. Assuming this can't be done, is there functionality in Tableau where I can get a listing of all the places a particular field is being used within the workbook?  Let's say I have some questions about exactly where I'm using my "Widgets" field in my workbook, so I'd like a full rundown on where this field is being used:  Which worksheet?  Which dashboard?  Which calculated field?  Etc.


      Any feedback would be appreciated.  I'd even be willing to part with one of the three pens I own as a reward (but only because I'm due to get another four later on this week).


      With undying love,