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    Default Filter Reset to None (not All)

    Vista Sword



      I excluded the "All" option in filter dropdown, but when I publish my workbook to the server and the user uses the filter. It doesn't have a function to go back to none option, even If i used the Leave Filter action and by refreshing the browser.


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          Hello Vista Sword,


          Have you tried the following?

          1. Click on the filter
          2. select customize
          3. deselect the show ALL option
          4. change the filter to single drop down mode
          5. you will see the default value present in the filter
          6. Now Edit the filter
          7. In the general tab you see all the values
          8. you will also see ALL , NONE tabs.
          9. click on None tab and
          10. click on OK
          11. Now your filter shows the default value as None.


          This thread could also help you achieving what you are looking for: Show "None" in filter (dropdown list)?


          Let me know if you need further assistance.



          Lénaïc RIÉDINGER, Global Community Engineer Tableau

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