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    Time Hours

    David Gabra




      I want to show

      1) where the employee name is the same as 1st supervisor and also the 2nd supervisor


      2 where the count of the number of occurrences of code 12 or 11 is greater that 3 occurrences  from the 1st month to the last month (ie. April to June) for employee code 4575 and April to May for Emp 3333


      3) where the missing reporting ind is either "y" or "yes"



      My effort    -abysmal I know :-(



      { FIXED [Emp Code] :

      (If [Employee Name] = [1st Super. Name (Curr)]

      and [Employee Name] = [2st Super. Name (Curr)])

      (and Missing Reporting Ind = "Y" or Missing Reporting Ind = "Yes")

      and count [Code] "12" or "1`" > 3 for max to mix [month]        [ I have no idea how to do this]

      then "to check"

      else "do not check"

      end }



      i do not understand why on the upload file there are only one occurrences of 11 - you see that in the table - there are three line for 11 above for emp 4575- - but on the tableau only 1.