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    Count by Grouped Measure

    Todd Moses

      I am trying to create a viz based on cycle time and number of records.


      I'm trying to get the horizontal axis to be the groups of cycle times (1 minute, 1.5 minutes, 2 minutes, etc), and the vertical axis to be the number of records in those groups of cycle times.


      Can someone please confirm for me that this is possible with Tableau 10.4?


      Thank you.


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          Jim Dehner

          Hi Todd - possible - probably is but please share a workbook in TWBX format with the data included so we can help you out




          Why we ask for a workbook, and WHY I ASK FOR YOUR TABLEAU VERSION!!

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            Todd Moses

            I'm picturing a bar chart.  :-)


            So my horizontal axis would be groups of the "Pace Time - Average"


            My vertical axis would be counts of records.


            I'm trying to be able to tell my race organizers what their most common pace groups are in their race.

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              Jim Dehner

              Hi Todd

              Look like racing data - what sport - just an interest - not part of the solution


              see one possible solution attached


              first - I could not relate to "Average pace calcualtion"  it was interger values in the 500 to 1500 range - so I just used my own formula to convert the data to sets by dividing by 100 and just taking an intereger value the rounds down - it could be any formula that created groups from your data




              Then it is just a matter of using that cacluation as the the columns (you will need to convert to discrete) and to count the records as the rows and placing the Names on the detail tile



              You will also need to reset the color tile to take out the borders





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                Todd Moses

                Thank you for your assistance with this solution.  This gets me pretty close to what I'm trying to do.


                The data is race results from a local half marathon.  I was looking for a data set to learn more about date and time conversions and formatting.  I also wanted to look at participation metrics and averages from year to year.


                Based on the formatting of the source data, which was text that I moved to Google Sheets, the way I was able to do calculations on the finish times (net time, pace time, etc) and then have them display as time was to convert fields from strings to seconds, and then format as necessary.

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                  Jim Dehner

                  Glad to help out

                  I'm a triathlete - the data had a familiar look