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    Worksheets aren't displaying in Dashboard when loaded to Tableau Server (Multiple Connections)

    Patrick W

      I have a dashboard in v8.0 that is using multiple connection to populate the result in a few worksheets.  When I am working in desktop everything is fine, but when I load to Tableau Server some of the data doesn't populate and other sheets don't populate at all...it's as though the sheets just don't exist (except the space is still there).  The really strange part is there are three different sheets which all use the exact same connections with nearly identical logic: one loads completely, the second is missing 2/3 of the data, and the final one is completely missing.


      One of the worksheets is also rendering slightly wider than the vertical container it is in, which makes the borders look silly.


      Has anyone encountered a similar problem or know of any solution to this?  Thoughts on whether this is a server issue or a Tableau issue?