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    Real heat maps?


      How difficult is it to produce a proper heat map like the one attached? I'd really like to push the mapping boundaries in Tableau and came across this online recently.


      If anyone has created one how much work is involved in setting up the data and is there a guide published anywhere on how to achieve it? Id really like to use this method to show crime levels in certain locations of the UK but not sure which data would be needed in addition to crime numbers and location - population maybe?

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          Shawn Wallwork

          You'll be happy to know that 10.5 beta includes a 'proper' heat map like the one you posted! Find the beta and sign up. You can then offer feedback to help them get it right proper.


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            Hi Shawn thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, we only have version 10.1 installed at work and no sign of moving up to at least 10.2 as there is talk of dumping Tableau like an ex-wife and going for an American model in Power BI.


            I'm a big fan of Tableau now so would prefer to keep it at work. In the absence of 10.5 beta is there a work around in 10.1 to produced those kinds of maps?


            Also, out of curiosity, I have Tableau 10.1 at home too so would the upgrade to 10.5 beta be a free upgrade?

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              Shawn Wallwork

              Yes on your last question. We only pay for upgrades when the integer changes. Good news on home front. With 10.5 you can now save to a previous version. So work at home on 10.5 and send yourself 10.1 workbooks at work. Of course you can't use any of the new 10.5 features if you're saving to 10.1


              Note: There will be just as many things you don't like in Power BI as there are in Tableau (maybe more), they'll just be different things.


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                Thanks Shawn, I'll give 10.5 a go at home but it sounds like I won't be able to share the results at work?


                If not would you or anyone else know how to create a heat map as shown above, and in particular how to create the variables to display the "heat"?

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                  Shawn Wallwork

                  I don't, and it would be a big, messy hack. The juice probably wouldn't be worth the squeeze. Maybe someone else knows of a way.


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                    Michael Hesser

                    Hi Naresh...

                    You might be able to tease what you need using this little trick:


                    • Start with a dual-axis map
                    • Modify the size of the circles of the first axis so they are quite large and lighter in color
                    • Make sure they are nearly transparent (8% works pretty good)
                    • Modify the size of the circles of the second axis so they are quite small and darker in color
                    • These, too, should be nearly transparent (I think 8% works well)


                    Zooming in and out will mess up your look, unless you can find a way to link the current zoom factor with size?

                    Your colors will be limited to two, plus various shades



                    As Shawn Wallwork says-- I'm wicked-excited for the roll-out of density mapping with 10.5.

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                      In the interim, there might be useful information from this recent similar question:


                      Heat Map on Maps

                      Re: Ask us anything about maps or spatial data in Tableau!

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                        Thanks Michael, I see what you mean about the zooming in problem, it's one of those situations I can use the phrase - "nice from far, but far from nice". It was a useful exercise to try out though.


                        Roll on 10.5 I say, but now I hear that we may or may not get it at work because the organisation want to move to Power BI as Tableau isn't compatible with our recent rollout of sharepoint.


                        Is that the case - is there a common issue between Tableau and SharePoint?

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                          Miroslav Licek

                          Hi Naresh,

                          a small correction, you can only export to 10.2 the least.