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    Tableau cascading filter the 5th element and global filters to multiplysheets

    Yingying Zeng



      Dear communities,


      The 5th element in the cascading filters is a table calculation filter ( which can not apply into the multi-sheets) while   I need to apply the 5th element filter to multisheets. How can  we apply the 5th element cascading filter s if we want to apply to multisheets as the global filters?




      The 5th Element

      Obviously, since we have got this far, we have to try to go further. Unfortunately, there are no more options in terms of sub-layers within Context, and no other settings on the quick filters, so that would appear to be it.


      there is a way round this problem based on the order that Tableau calculates filters.

      Context filters are first, then dimensions, then measures, and then table calculations.

      As we have filled up context and standard dimensions, we could look at measures. However, that allows filtering on a range of aggregated values, which is not normally what is required for cascading filters, so I have discounted this step.

      That leaves table calculations!

      To turn a dimension into a table calculation we need to use the LOOKUP trick.