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    % of 80% spend

    Andreas Kampianakis

      Hello world.!
      I have been trying to create a specific view to see the per project % of the vendors  that I buy the 80% of stuff. So I've followed the steps of this one Top 80% of Spend - count distinct customers  and it was very helpful indeed, however, the problem is that this is for a single project, and not all of them. My ultimate goal is to create a picture like this (created in excel)

      A per year view would be desirable too. Consider that I have the same vendors in some projects. so there's a problem on sorting over there, that's why I have this difference.Capture 3.PNGCapture new.PNG
      The main problem I think is the dependency of the Running_Sum calculations from the view especially with the sorting on the sales of each vendor that is needed for such an operation, something seemingly bypassed through LOD calculations, but I am not that familiar yet with them.

      Wish I could create an example but i think the excel view and the previous forum post are guiding enough.
      Hope my question is understood.!
      Thanks in advance world..!