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    zip codes not mapping correctly

    greg slater

      I have a basic spreadsheet ive attached below. When I try to map the points go everywhere and I'd like the outline of the zip code to show the count and be able to filter on product name which would change the counts. How can I do this?



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          Shawn Wallwork

          Greg, I was able to create this using your data:

          What are you struggling with?

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            Jim Dehner

            Hi Greg

            I am on t10.4 so you may naot be able to open the attached


            but here are the steps

            First I moved zip under county to create a hierarchy (just drag it an put it on the county pill

            Then  Open the county pill and follow the path below so that tthe counties are made fromthe zips (you data did not contain states so the relationship was vague)




            Then create your viz by dragging county to the canvas and a map will appear you will need to zoom in you have points on the west coast and the south but they are not very significant

            I included the member count and used color to break out by size




            Then I just put the count name and some other infromation on detail so you can see the valued when you hover over them




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              Jim Dehner

              Thanks Greg

              Glad to help out