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    Logshark v2 - an improved way to see and understand your Tableau logs

    Rahul Motwani

      Just in time for Tableau Conference 2017, we are releasing the next version - Logshark v2. This version contains new plugins, workbook enhancements, framework extensibility as well numerous defect fixes and improvements that you have asked for. Outlined below are few highlights of this version:


      1. New plugins are available to enhance analysis output, including Vizportal, Filestore, Postgres, and SearchServer
      2. All workbooks have received a face-lift and improved across the board. In addition, all Tableau workbook files have been updated to Tableau Desktop 10.0
      3. "Artifact Processor" framework has been introduced, paving the way to add Logshark support for new upcoming Tableau product lines. This framework also makes Logshark extendable to process logs produced by applications other than Tableau


      If you are a new Logshark user and want information about Logshark and how to use it, see the README file and the Setup and Installation guide. If you are an existing Logshark user upgrading from Logshark v1.0, simply download and run the v2.0 installer to update your existing Logshark installation in-place.

           NOTE:  All workbooks produced by Logshark v2 now require Tableau Desktop version 10.0+, instead of version 9.3.


      To reiterate, Logshark is community-supported, and we are releasing the full source code under the MIT license. We hope you'll add your own contributions to this tool. Any defects or feature requests should be directed to the Logshark Git Issues tracker.


      You can download Logshark v2 and its source on Tableau’s Github page.


      TabMon and Tableau Conference 2017

      If you are going to attend Tableau Conference in Las Vegas this year, here are some sessions around Logshark that may consider attending.


      1. For new users, swing by for an overview of Logshark along with other Tableau Server Tools.
        1. Breakout Session: Server tools 101: Introduction to Tableau Server tools
          1. Tuesday, Oct 10th, 12:15 PM – 1:15 PM PST, Location: South - L3 - South Seas B
          2. Wednesday, Oct 11th, 10:15 AM – 11:15 AM PST, Location: South - L3 - Banyan E
      2. For anyone who knows about Logshark, but would like to learn how about how to use it to monitor Tableau Server (along with another open-source tool, TabMon).
        1. Breakout Session: Server tools 201: Tableau Server monitoring
          1. Tuesday, Oct 10th, 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM PST, Location: South - L2 - Surf C
          2. Thursday, Oct 12th, 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM PST, Location: South - L2 - Oceanside E