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    Tableau View usage statisics

    Yuvaraj Mani



      I need to get Tableau view usage Statistics and have tried using Tableau  Default views from the Status menu but I am unable to get the data for the Year.

      Can some one help me on this.



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          jack gervais

          Hi Yuvaraj,


          To view traffic data for published projects/workbooks:


          1.     From the Tableau Server or Tableau Online default view, select the Status tab at the top of the browser window.


          2.     Navigate to the Analysis heading and select "Traffic to Views"


          3.     From this view you can customize the filters in the drop-down menus

               a.     Select the Time Range drop-down and select "This Year" for the last 365 days or "Year to Date" for the last calendar year.


          Hope this helps!



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            Yuvaraj Mani

            Hi Jack,


            Thanks for your response.


            I have tried this before but it does not provide the entire set of data when I select either 365 days a year or Year to Date.