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    Analytics Across Calculated Table

    John Redden

      Hi All,


      First off, thank you to everyone here who continues to provide support to newer users like myself.  Without this resource none of the work I have done over the last couple of months in Tableau would have been possible, so thank you so much!


      Now for my question (sample workbook attached, version 10.4 used):


      I have built out a fairly basic table view that tracks slipped deals (deals that have had their expected close date moved) by analyzing point-in-time snapshots of the data (my X axis in the screenshot above). Now what I want to create are some supplemental views which show macro level metrics against this view, e.g. Percent of total deals by that have slipped by rep, average deal slippage for the reps etc. but this where I ran into issues.  I am fairly new to LoD calculations which I am guessing would be needed here and I have been stymied by 'you cannot use an attribute' in my multiple attempts to do a fixed calc against this but because that essential to how determine which deals slipped in the first place, I am at a loss as to how to proceed.


      I am open to changing how deal slippage is calculated if it makes it easier, and am pretty confident that once I have an example of how to do a calculation against this (Percent of total deals by rep that have slipped as an example) I can replicate it for the other views that need to be built out but after banging my head against the wall for many many hours now, some helpful guidance would be MUCH appreciated!