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    Data not showing up

    Diane Hackbarth

      I am working on a Quota attainment report and currently have two sources for data.  One is an excel worksheet that contains the reps name, salesforce user ID, quota, role, and profile.  The second data source is our salesforce extract.  I've connected the two data sources using the User ID which is a field that appears in both the worksheet and the extract.


      When I create my report I can see some of the sales reps are missing.  I know they have quota's in the spreadsheet and I know they have closed won deals from the salesforce extract.  Any idea what would cause the data for these few reps not to appear in my report?  Its not like they show up with a "0" or Null value, they aren't showing up at all.


      This data is considered company confidential so I can't screen shot it or provide the twbx.

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          Zahra Badaroudine

          First sanity check:

          - All reps appear in both files?

          - The User ID is formatted exactly the same way in both files (if there are extra 0 at the beginning, they are present in both files)?


          Also, the default join is an inner join: only records that have exact matches in both sources will appear. Look to see if a left, right or full outer join would work better.

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            Catherine Brown

            There are a few things that come to mind without seeing the data.


            • Have you checked both files to see if there are extraneous characters which are causing the fields to not join properly (white space, etc.)?
            • Have you checked within the 'Edit Data Source' screen to see if you have any filters that are on your data before it even gets in your view?
              • The relatively new 'data interpreter' which assists in joining some data sources (excel being one of them), sometimes causes issues for me.  As in adding filters that do not need to be there.
            • Have you checked within the 'Edit Data Source' screen to see if one of these people is listed there?
              • If yes, there is likely a filter in your view, rather than on your data source, that is causing an issue.
              • This is difficult to check if you have a lot of data, so you may want to limit your data coming in to one or a select group of these individuals.
              • I recommend making a copy of your workbook or worksheet and removing all of the filters from your view, see what is causing these people to be removed
            • NULLs may still cause you problems
              • If you have nulls in the field in your view or if you are joining other fields (beyond the ID), they still might be your problem.


            I hope this helps.  Without seeing the data, it is very difficult to troubleshoot.



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              Diane Hackbarth

              So I have confirmed that the reps show up in both files and the User IDs are formatted exactly the same way with no extra 0 or spaces.


              When I tried to look at the joins I was brought to something that is foreign to me. See screen shot below.


              First it showed connecting via Live and not the Extract I created so I changed that.  I thought perhaps that was my problem but it didn’t change anything.


              Second, I do not know how to get to the joins from here.  I’m completely lost.


              Please tell me this gets easier!





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