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    Calendar and Fiscal Year YTD/QTD/MTD/WTD Calculations

    sreekanth samudrala

      Jonathan Drummey,


      I am a bit new to tableau and need to calculate fiscal YTD/MTD/QTD values based on date input.Already I have calculated for calendar year YTD/MTD/QTD metrics.

      But facing a bit difficult in arriving it for fiscal year.


      I need to have only 3 columns (Actual dim,CY value and PY value) in report sheet.

      The values and title should change according to 3 parameters(Year Type,Date,Metric).


      Implemented all in CY and PY calculated fields where I need logics for only fiscal years.

      Fiscal Year starts on "01-FEB-YYYY" and ends on "31-JAN-YYYY".

      Tried in forums but not able to find suitable solution.


      I tried with work around available in Year to Date (YTD) from Previous Year and Fiscal Year . But not sure some how values were coming wrong.

      Attached sample workbook here for reference.


      Appreciate you great help.


      Thank you.