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    Max Size in a Sankey Chart

    Tim Aardenburg

      Hello Everyone,


      I'm working on some quarterly reports and a request came in to show the changes between groups in Q2-Q3 via a Sankey chart.

      Without going into the best practice discussion (they can be hard to read etc.) I want to ask a question on sizing.


      (I used the exelent info from https://www.theinformationlab.co.uk/2015/03/04/sankey-charts-in-tableau/  to get started)


      When building a sankey with dummy data:

      Q1                                   Q2

      Supplier     Score            Supplier     Score

      A               2                    A               3

      B               1                    C               2

      C               2                    D               3

      D               3                    E               1



      I get a working chart:


      But when I use my own data (which is highly confidential so I can't add a workbook :S) I can't get the sizing correct because I hit the "max size" cap for the biggest group: certified Q2 & certified Q3, which should be 67% of the total.


      The info is as follows:


      The idea behind this build is that there is no initial data modification needed when possible, so that it is easy/easier to reuse the view in the future


      Is there a simple solution for this issue? It feels like there should be.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Warm Regards,


      Tim Aardenburg

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          Hi Tim Aardenburg,


          Interesting, have you rad the following article?

          Their Sankey has much wider lines that you could use

          Actinvision | Analytics - Business Intelligence - Visualization



          Lénaïc RIÉDINGER, Global Community Engineer Tableau

          Tableau Community Forums | Knowledge Base

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            Tim Aardenburg

            Hi Lénaïc!


            Thanks for the reply.


            I have looked at that post, the problem there being that they build their lines from polygons which is better in terms of formatting and performance but will take some editing of the data outside of Tableau, which is not a possibility for me (the sankey has to be dynamic). I also doubt if that post takes into account the ID's that are nulls in the other Quarter.


            I was able to somewhat solve the issue by drawing a line for each rowID, this solves the size formatting problem but makes everything as slow as swimming through ketchup.



            I'll make this another personal project for the next quarterly report (it "works" for now) maybe at that point Tableau or my skills will allow for a more elegant solution to this issue.


            Greetings and salutations,



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              Kylian Pattje

              Hello Tim,


              Just came up with the same issue. How did you manage to solve the sizing, I have added the sizing


              Sizing formula used: RUNNING_SUM(SUM( [SALES Q3]))


              then added ID Customer to Detail and finally edited the table caculation for sizing and checked all dimension Q3 Q4 Padded and ID


              if you could bring some light on your solution would be great.


              thanks in advance,