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    Time shifting one measure and displaying against another

    Elliott Bowles

      Hi all,


      I'm working with some retail data that lists projected sales and order information (two separate measures) for a variety of item/location combos by week. Its structured as follows:


      10/1/2018Item XLocation 11,0001,200
      10/1/2018Item XLocation 21,1001,000
      10/8/2018Item XLocation 11,200800
      10/8/2018Item XLocation 29001,000
      10/8/2018Item YLocation 11,2001,200


      There's maybe 80 or so items and about 25 locations, along with 12 weekly periods. What I am trying to do is 'timeshift' the order data by two weeks, so that when I plot it against the sales figures it will line up to account for ordering lead times. I know I could create a calculated field based on the date column and subtract the days, but my challenge is that I can't find a way to plot that on the same graph as the 'real' date and sales data. Any ideas on a good approach?