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    Tableau Conference - Meetup? Leaving early (or have an extra "Data Night Out" ticket)? Tips and advice?

    Marielle Vena

      Apologies in advance if this is not the proper venue for this post--


      1. Any interest in a mini-meetup at the Welcome Reception or at another time during the conference like Iron Viz? I know we already mix and mingle at BTUG meetings, but I'm just throwing it out there.


      2. Is anyone planning to leave the conference early?

      • I am trying to snag an extra pass to "Data Night Out". If you're flying out early and won't need your badge, I would really appreciate a benevolent handoff and will come retrieve it from you before you leave. (I am willing to offer a very modest amount of money in compensation if it provides the extra motivation to take the extra step, but I must emphasize modest, as I am paying for the conference out of pocket as it is.)


      3. Tips for newbies?

      • I am taking the Desktop 201 course on Monday so I can't  attend the "Newbies" session, but any tips or guidance you have based on prior attendance would be lovely.


      Thanks, y'all. Safe travels!