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    Correcting for Data Repeated Across Multiple Entries

    Joseph Bell

      Hi all,


      Question from a newbie here -- feel free to roll your eyes and point me to an existing thread ;-)


      I'm working with data from a time log.


      There are multiple entries for each task, e.g. entries of 0.5 hour, 0.25 hour, and 0.25 hour all logged to a task named "Task 1".


      Each one of these entries has the total amount of time allocated to the task, e.g. 1 hour


      The data looks like this:


      Task Name     Time logged     Total time allocated to task

      Task 1               0.5 hour                 1 hour

      Task 1               0.25 hour               1 hour

      Task 1               0.25 hour               1 hour


      As a result, when I compare the total time logged for each task to the time allocated, the time allocated to e.g. Task 1 shows up as 3 hours (in the example), when in fact it should be only 1 hour.


      I suppose a workaround would be to calculate a field that divides the time allocated to the task by the number of occurrences of the task name. [There are thousands of task names, so this would need to be done without listing them individually.]


      This doesn't seem very elegant, however. How would the pros on the forum tackle this?