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    Calculation to Make the Date where there is no data

    Justin Pulley

      I have some a lack of data in certain months of years because it is outage data.  We like to not have outages, thus we might have a month here or there with no outage minutes.


      What I am trying to figure out is if there is a way to say IF ISNULL([DATE]) then give me the applicable missing month's first day.  So for example data I have Data starting in March going to May and then Again in July Through September.  I want to inject January, February, and June so that I can do show some running minutes calculations and such. I already can show the months where nothing happened as blank columns, but that doesn't look good to my leadership.


      So is there a way to either populate each month of the current year OR populate the missing months for use in a calculation?


      The calculations are just basically getting the running number of minutes per year with a monthly view to start out with.  Then I do a few calculations off that.  In order to get my baseline all I really need to be able to calculate from is the number of minutes in each month of the year.