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    Somewhat urgent (~18 hrs or so): Calculation of "measure A for dimension value X / measure B for dimension value Y"??

    Dave Dixon

      OK, so this just popped up as a "today" requirement (yaay) and remember, I'm stuck on tableau 9.3 with no option to upgrade.  And the data is not of a nature that I am permitted to share my twbx.


      I have aggregate data broken out by fiscal year.


      Anyways, the customer, not content with a simple YOY calculation as we've been doing in this dashboard for ages, has requested the following formula be applied:


      New measure of performance (percentage) = THIS FY's [dollars spent in tiers 1/2/3] divided by LAST FY's [dollars spent overall]. 


      - I have measure objects for the [dollars 1/2/3] and [overall dollars] values already, from the data source

      - The FY dimension is NOT a date field, it's a string

      - I have built objects for current FY, and to test each FY dimension value for "this FY" and "last FY"  (returning T/F)

      - I have built separate objects specifically for "this FY dollars 1/2/3" and "last fy overall dollars" by doing IIFs and including the test flags from above

      ....then I tried to build one to just divide one by the other. 


      However, because the FYs are their own rows, when I start putting this all into a crosstab to get toward where I need to be, I get the this-fy $ figure in its own row, the last-fy $ figure in its own row, and no value for the division, because the values don't appear in the same row, basically.


      What the heck do I do??   It's driving me bonkers.